A Tour in Ilink Services

We take you in A special Tour around our most valuable services

We have over 10 years of experience in e-marketing all over the world

In the field of designing and developing websites, programming mobile applications and managing different social media channels. We have many clients in different fields. We are aware and study real e-marketing. We make your company a well-known brand and the top of the search results.

Also we do a good study of the competitive market and identify the most important strengths and weaknesses and focus on the most important metrics and know what it takes to get real results is what moves companies forward, and we believe that the success of our customers is the best measure of our performance

what can we offer you in e-marketing

Marketing through social networking sites, in Google, and through online and offline ads We develop a marketing plan that suits your activity on social networks, and monitor and analyze the results and improve them in a way that achieves your participation, achieves the required results, and reaches the target segment

Managing Google Ad Campaigns

We manage paid campaigns through Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and follow up the results with professional reports with the customer first to ensure positive targeted results for the paid campaign.

Video Marketing and Motion Graphics

We offer special services for designing an advertising motion graphic video. Where we rely on the best motion graphics designers, as well as for promotional videos and management of marketing campaigns to achieve the highest results

Corporate and Institutional Identity Design

An integrated service that begins with studying your commercial activity and setting the appropriate commercial identity with the use of connotations that are in line with your activity to produce an integrated and unique identity that expresses the company’s vision and philosophy

Raising the ranking of sites in search engines

We configure your site for search engines with software modifications that are subject to the standards of global search engines and we are working to advertise and market your site to reach the largest number of customers

Website design and programming

A new vision in designing websites to suit your commercial identity with a design that is easy to reach for customers and in proportion to search engines and all Internet browsers, mobile devices, tablets and iPhones

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